Two Garden Walk Gardens featured in Buffalo Spree’s HOME magazine

Two popular Garden Walk gardens are featured in this month’s HOME magazine, a Buffalo Spree publication. The gorgeous cover photo, and inside six-page article, are of the Sixteenth Street garden of Joe Hopkins & Scot Dunlap. Another four pages is dedicated to the garden of Alec Humann, located at the corner of Lancaster Avenue & Melbourne Place.

The lovely cover photo was taken by none other than prolific garden blogger Pam Penick, of Austin, TX when she was here last summer with 70 other garden writers & bloggers from around the country. You can visit her garden blog here.

The article on Alec’s Lancaster garden was written by long-time Garden Walk participant Bruce Adams and includes Alec’s challenges on building a garden on a coner lot. Alec, an accomplished birder, that has even contributed the birding book, The Sibley guide to Bird Life & Behavior.

The Sixteenth street garden interview with Joe and Scott includes many tips, including planting in unique planters—like using a mushroom as a planter.

And, if that wasn’t enough, there’s a fantastic 12-page article on the gardens of hosta experts, Kathy Guest & Mike Shadrack, photographed by KC Kratt.

There are some great photos of each garden to be found on HOME‘s website.

I’ve featured these gardens often on the blog, most recently Joe & Scott’s garden here and here.

I’ve used photos of Alec’s garden often and it can be seen here and here.

HOME can be found wherever magazines are sold, including area grocery chains & drug stores.

0 comments on “Two Garden Walk Gardens featured in Buffalo Spree’s HOME magazine

  1. Awesome that my photo made the cover! And I like seeing the layout of my pics of Alec's garden too. Buffalo has an amazing community ethos of gardening. It was great to see it in action last summer.


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