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Garden Walk Buffalo – Off the Beaten Path

Here's a list of gardens I made for this year – gardens a bit off the beaten path.

Every year for Garden Walk Buffalo, I usually update the “Eight Gardens Not to Miss” list or the “Top Ten Visited Gardens” or I see that someone else has created a their own list of gardens to visit (good for them!). If you’ve been on the Walk more than a few times, you’ve seen all those gardens.

You’ve probably seen the bowling ball totem pole, Cottage District gems, Richmond Ave’s glorious tree house, the Bucky-ball pergola, the color-blind Joe’s garden, and “Mary’s Garden.” And God knows everyone’s seen my shed.

Erie Basin Marina University Trial Gardens is a good place to start (Photo by Don Zinteck)

Here’s a list of gardens I made for this year (with map coordinates that correspond to the break-out maps in the printed map). It is gardens a bit off the beaten path.

Here’s a list of where you can pick up Garden Walk maps. But you can also pick them up at the two main headquarters and three “map only” satellite sites the days and hours of the Walk.

Disclaimer: A few of these I have never been to, but how can I not send you to a garden with “…four islands of rose of Sharons“? Or chickens! But, I’ve been to most, and they are all worthy of visits, as are the other 300-some gardens. So if you use some or all of this list as a guide – stop in the gardens in between. None will disappoint.

I’ve always said you can learn something from every garden – even if it’s learning what you don’t want to do!

56 North Pearl’s courtly courtyard.


3 St. John’s Place
  • Erie Basin Marina Trial Gardens (D8) Erie Street, Erie Basin Marina. See (and vote on) new plants that could come to market in 3-4 years.
  • 56 North Pearl (G2) The artsy courtyard garden of two writers – one a GardenRant.com contributing writer.
  • 16 Rabin Terrace (E4) Small, odd-shaped corner lot jam-packed with lusciousness.
  • 92 Prospect (E4) Check out the wall of potted plants!
  • 3 St. John’s Place (E1) A bed & breakfast shows how to do sidewalks & hellstrips.
691 West Ferry’s sculpture court.


20 Norwood
  • 355 Linwood (P10) Recycled art – and a scarecrow!
  • 677 Prospect (J12) A creative (and beautiful) solution for what to do between urban garages.
  • 691 West Ferry (O90) Statues, waterfall and stream (plus an actual totem pole!).
  • 65 Hodge (O10) Pretty pergola and large stone water feature.
  • 391 Vermont (L10) Join the Buffalo Society of Artists and create your own painting! Materials supplied. All are welcome.
  • 20 Norwood (M12) Past GWB chair (Arlan’s) garden – their last year on the Walk. Stop by and thank him for helping make Garden Walk Buffalo what it is today!
94 Windsor – Arts & Crafts gardens and architecture.


278 Baynes (Photo by M. Woods)
  • 278 Baynes SUNDAY ONLY! Secret garden to visit – not on the map! Eight Paths Garden – Asian-style garden with koi pond and fountain.
  • 204 Congress (R15) Hydroponics, farming and chickens!
  • 59 Brantford (V14) Shady backyard hideaway for fairies and visitors alike.
  • 94 Windsor (W14) Come for the quiet courtyard, stay for the Craftsman-style architecture and gardens.
  • 139 Oxford (X15) Four “islands” of Rose of Sharon on a double lot – and some dandy lions!
232 Crescent is home to pollinator-friendly gardens and visitor-friendly hosts.


310 Woodward
  • 232 Crescent (HH19) A living laboratory for native plants and pollinators – co-existing with urban living.
  • 132 Fordham (BB18) Dancing statues and waterless stream with waterless fish – visit the plaque (just down the street) of the site where President William McKinley was assassinated!
  • 310 Woodward (HH18) A mini-arboretum. If you like trees, or want to find out more about trees for your own garden, this garden is for you.
  • 84 Woodward (GG20) A garden for the birds and the bees. Literally. Quirky and fun.

Jim Charlier is an advertising designer/photographer/crafter with a serious gardening problem. He's co-written a garden design book featuring the funky, quirky and fun gardens by the gardeners of Buffalo titled "Buffalo-Style Gardens: Create a Quirky, One-of-a-Kind Private Garden with Eye-Catching Designs" (BuffaloStyleGardens.com); he writes a long-standing garden blog (ArtofGardening.org); led the largest garden tour in America, Garden Walk Buffalo; has written for, or provided photography for dozens of magazines and books; has made presentations and participated in panel discussions on garden design and garden tourism nationally and internationally.

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