Before & After Video

A tulip time lapse

30 days in 60 seconds

I took video spins around the tulips for the past month. I’ll keep doing it as the perennials buried underneath come up. I get me tulips from Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs. This year’s selections were the Jacques & Jill, Sol Array (double tulips), and The Crusaders blends. A few bulbs popped up from last year, but the great majority are these I planted last fall. As much as The Crusaders mix of double tulips look great, they are shorter and I liked the taller tulips I had in the past.

Tip-toeing up through the tulips currently are the perennials I have growing in the same space – the hellstrip between street and sidewalk. They include yarrows, heucheras, hostas, tall grasses, liatris, Japanese forest grass, horseradish, Russian Sage, salvia, cupflower, lavender, ajuga, and a yucca, among other things.

Here’s how it will look in another month or more…


Jim Charlier is an advertising designer/photographer/crafter with a serious gardening problem. He's co-written a garden design book featuring the funky, quirky and fun gardens by the gardeners of Buffalo titled "Buffalo-Style Gardens: Create a Quirky, One-of-a-Kind Private Garden with Eye-Catching Designs" (; he writes a long-standing garden blog (; led the largest garden tour in America, Garden Walk Buffalo; has written for, or provided photography for dozens of magazines and books; has made presentations and participated in panel discussions on garden design and garden tourism nationally and internationally.

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