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The Perfect Gift

Garden expert Sally Cunningham and I made a little video to promote our book.

My co-author, Sally Cunningham, and created this video in my living room! This is one of two (or maybe even three) videos we’ll produce to promote our book, Buffalo Style Gardens: Create a Quirky, One-of-a-Kind Private Garden with Eye-Catching Designs.

51a52QsbYSL._SX425_71EFBWYIK5L._SL1500_It was recorded on my candy-apple red Nikkon D5500 on a tripod, using two lavalier mics for sound (only one mic was used for this video, I have two for interviews), some free (and royalty free) background music, all edited in Adobe Premier.

Photo styling by me. Sally’s hair and makeup by her! She didn’t take me up on doing her hair in make-up. Probably a wise choice.

Buffalo style gardens book sally cunningham jim charlier

twopostersb copyShe’s a pro – it took her only a couple takes (and I think I used the first one). 20-some years of being the garden TV answer lady will do that for you. Me? I had to edit out most of my “uhh”s and “umm”s. I left a few in there though, wouldn’t want it too perfect.

Buy the book right here on the blog! Even that snazzy poster of heart-shaped leaves I designed in the background is available for sale! Depending on what device you’re reading this on, there’s an option to purchase them someplace!

Sales were great as we launched the book in the spring – and were great through the summer. Now is the push for the holidays. You can find out more about the book at BuffaloStyleGardens.com.

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