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Fall around the world

Photos from past October vacations

It’s fall. The time of year when the clothes get switched out, house plants are back in the house, the heat’s been on a few times, even used the mattress pad heater. T-shirts are still worn – but with long-sleeve shirts over them. I’m even looking forward to a fire in the fireplace within a few short weeks. The short hours of daylight kinda’ suck though.

We’re  longing for another October vacation.

A year ago, we were in Scotland. Past October trips have taken us to France, Germany, California, Florida, and elsewhere. Our 30th anniversary was this past September 30 – we tend to take a celebratory vacation around this time of year. Now that our daughter’s in college, we’re no longer locked into her high school/grammar school schedule. This year, it’ll be Mexico. Without her.

I look forward to the colors of fall. I can’t seem to get enough of them. So here’s a bunch of photos taken over the years in October – some of my favorite fall photos.

3 comments on “Fall around the world

  1. Great pictures! Your shots of Mt. Desert and Monet’s Garden, especially.
    Here in Northern VA, my garden depends on Japanese Maples for fall color, but the lack of rain for 3 months from mid-July until just now has severely damaged them. Wait ’til next year! And, I’ll enjoy your photos …

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  2. I enjoyed your photos in your Fall blog post. Thanks.

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