DIY garden art

Curio walls in gardens

Walls and fences with collections and curios

I’ve always been intrigued with walls and fences where people have displayed their collections of “things.”

I’ve visited many gardens that take advantage of garage, shed and house walls, or fences, to show off cllections. Sometimes the items hang together with a color or theme, sometimes it may be items whose only have its owner’s love as a connection.

These walls remind me of collages, or shadow boxes, popular in the ’70s – filled with nostalgia items. Here are some I’ve collected over the years.

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A garden in Buffalo’s Parkside neighborhood has a wall with suggested architectural elements and artworks.
Melissa Maldovan’s Parkside garden where the garage wall is a major part of the garden.
Another shot of Melissa’s garden wall from above.
Shelving with collected items. Everything is specifically placed and very orderly here.
The Loomis Garden on Garden Walk Buffalo has a wall of nautically-themed treasures. And a pink flamingo.
Shed wall found on the Lockport garden tour.
A fence with shelves. Intermixed with the plants in pots are small sculptures and found art like machine pieces. This is artist Sally Treanor’s garden on Richmond Avenue on Garden Walk Buffalo.
IMG_0036 3
Nothing on display, I just liked this built-in shelf in a fence.
More of a diarama than a curio wall. It looks like a Wes Anderson movie set. This is from a Norwood venue garden on Garden Walk Buffalo.
Road sign and license plate theme in the Manchester Avenue Patti garden on Garden Walk Buffalo.
An outside bar, the hole for the bar cut into the side of a garage. Mostly family photos hang around the bar area. This is the Michael & Nadia Ryan garden on the Ken-Ton Garden Tour.
Same wall as the above photo, but there’s a hidden secret behind that frame with the Buffalo Spree cover…
…it’s where the recyclables and returnable bottles and cans go!
In my own garden shed – on the inside – I tried to do the curio/collage thing. Most everything that’s not a tool or garden-related came out of the cottage my parents had growing up outside Greene, NY – on Thunder Lake. I’ve also found it’s a good place to put all the trinkets my daughter made in art class over the years.



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