Buffalo Garden Video

Tour my garden

Trying to learn Adobe Premier. Here's my first video. I'll get better.


My first experiment with a new video software. I’ll keep working at it!

You’ll see our espaliered fruit trees, potager garden, homemade fountains, checkerboard garden, Harry Potter Garden, climbing vine collection, garden art collection, marble and granite “carpet”, hanging succulent frame, and that potting shed! Jim’s the co-author of the urban garden design book Buffalo-Style Gardens: Create a Quirky, One-of-a-Kind Private Garden with Eye-Catching Designs“. Visit the garden the last full weekend of July each year for Garden Walk Buffalo and OpenGardensWNY.com on Thursdays and Fridays in July.

3 comments on “Tour my garden

  1. Thanks Jim!
    I’ve done some videos using my Canon Mark III with a monopod, but no editing software. I like the fact that your movements are so smooth through the garden whereas mine are jumpy.
    Also, you have a LOT of fine art throughout and I have none in my Virginia shade garden, just plants. Your art looks good and fits into the plantings (or vice versa).
    I’ll work on making my videos as good as yours, but it will take some years.
    Great post!

    Barney Sperlin


  2. Jack Mc Kie

    Love your garden and “Buffalo Style Gardens” !!! Your video was kin of a blur. Main thing is to slow down your video ! Slow is better and provides viewers time to take in each scene. That being said a great first video. Looking forward to more videos !


  3. Loved the video, Jim – especially that potting shed, wow!


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