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Garden Walk Buffalo gardens to visit

My top 20-some gardens to visit

It’s Garden Walk Buffalo weekend. I keep getting asked by friends what gardens to see. Now they’ll all get this link!

Well, I recommend all 435 of the gardens in this year’s Walk.

If you were to do so, for the hours of the Walk (10 a.m.-4 p.m. each day) you would have 1.66 minutes each, with no travel time between.

If you’ve been on the Walk before, please visit some of the “less trodden” areas of the Walk – you will pleasantly surprised at some of the beautiful gardens, the appreciative gardeners, and new neighborhoods of great architecture you’ll discover.

The Walk has expanded into the Park Meadow and Parkside neighborhoods, so if you’re a long time Walker, you have a new neighborhood to enjoy. You can find a PDF of the map here. Garden addresses and descriptions are listed by street, each garden has coordinates that relates to one of four detail maps. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Here’s my list of gardens you should try and see

Visit the gardens around these gardens as well. There are some Garden Walk standards and a few new ones on this year’s list.

Disclaimer: This list is comprised of gardens of which I have photos – there are plenty of other comparable gardens I don’t have photos of spread throughout the Walk!

191 Lancaster, Bellus Garden. Lushness in shade.
25 Greenfield, Then Garden. What a metal sculptor’s garden looks like.
131 Mariner, Valinor. Creative and polished.
533 Auburn, Adams Garden. Micro-garden big on found art.
56 North Pearl, Licata/Bigelow Garden. A garden with a curator’s eye.
CIMG1881 2
597 Crescent, Muscarrella Garden. Immaculate and colorful.
154 Lancaster, McCall Garden. Asian-inspired and contemporary.
86 Norwood, Kulyk/Duffy. Old garden, new owners!
20 Norwood, Peters/DiFillippo Garden. My favorite garden – don’t tell the others.
279 Richmond, Halloran Garden. A tropical getaway on a busy street.
CIMG1865 2
99 Robie, Szydlowski Garden. Funky with found art.
Photographer: Jim Charlier
98 Johnson Park, Ecker Garden. Screaming color.
94 Windsor, Simmons garden. Arts & Crafts house and garden.
125 Jewett, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House. Newly restored gardens with a “Floricycle”, a must-see.
75 Lancaster, Mary’s Gardens. C’mon!
287 Richmond, Hough/Sako Grden. The most fun you can have in a garden.
86 Sixteenth, Hopkins Dunlop Garden. The gardener is colorblind, the garden is not.
755 West Delavan, Guercio Garden. Stately, classic and sophisticated.
257 Highland, FlynnStein Garden. Witty and artful.
Photographer: Jim Charlier
282 Linwood, Favorito Garden. Ball of fun.
Photographer: Don Zinteck
415 Summer, Dorritie Garden. One hell of a hellstrip.
215 Lancaster, Charlier Garden. Almost all art is home-made, including that shed!
And don’t miss the mural commemorating the 25th anniversary of both Garden Walk Buffalo and the Elmwood Village Association. It is by artist Cassandra Ott and is located at 831 Elmwood Avenue, between Lafayette and Lancaster Avenues.

2 comments on “Garden Walk Buffalo gardens to visit

  1. Beth A O’Donnell

    All of the gardens are beautiful in their own way when do they have the walk did they have it this year I went to one in Columbia Pa I grew up in Marietta Pa now I live in Delaware butilve looking at the different gardens

    Liked by 1 person

    • It did not go on this year. It’s too big of an event – 60,000-70,000 people – so it was decided in March not to have the event.


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