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Garden deadlines

TV shoots and garden tours keep you on your toes

Last weekend, and time during the week between rain showers, I was able to do catch-up work in the garden. Had a TV shoot here early Thursday morning. And Open Gardens Starts in just less than a month. My garden will be open on Thursdays from 2-6 p.m. in July (except for July 4th!). I’ll be selling and signing books when the garden is open for Open Gardens.

Cleaning the shed – and setting up a display of my books was a priority. It now looks more like a gift shop in there! Buy my book here on the site, or over at BuffaloStyleGArdens.com. I’m gonna’ make a hanging lamp from the ball of vine twine I made in the background.

But a month out from a garden tour is when a great majority of gardening has to be done. Anything that has to be planted or moved around has to be done now, or it’ll be obvious closer to tour time. I have plenty of time before Garden Walk Buffalo – that’s not until the last weekend of July – the 27th & 28th. All the work will be done before then. For that, I just have to keep everything alive.

Here’s some projects done over this past week, some small some larger, some only partly done:

Still lots to do. I have a few more coats of stain and then sealant on the concrete countertops I made, repairs to some glass flowers that didn’t fare well over the last year, some moving around of plants, and making more birdhouses from scraps found in the basement, attic and garage. And I got a way cool backyard electric chipper for my birthday in December that I have yet to put together. Can’t wait to use that to add more stuff to the composter!

The fish head fountain is the quickest to set up. Takes about 15 minutes or less.
I have five more glass flowers that need some level of repair. I’ll fix them, and add them, this weekend.
The copper heuchera fountain, which you can barely see here in and amongst the heuchera, takes the longest to set up – it needs so much repair each year (and still needs an overhaul). I prepare myself for about two hours to set it up. We have some happy  heucheras this year!
Most of these birhouses are for a design competition of which I’m helping organize.
A bird house made by a friend, and a bat house I made for the competition.
Hanging pots on my neighbor’s fence help make the garden look more “finished”.
The rock garden takes little set up – coupla’ pieces of art and a sign. My houseplant Christmas cactus love their summer vacation under this River Birch tree.
The ever-raining rain chain fountain in the Harry Potter Garden takes at least an hour to set up. It goes in the shed in winter.
This fountain, a pottery totem in my raised bed potager, takes about a half hour to set up. It gets stored in the garage for the winter.
I made these concrete Countertops last year. Have more staining and sealant to add, as well as some finish woodwork. New grill was used all winter long!
I added some chicken wire to my arbor columns. It’ll make the clematis and honeysuckle happier.
Now I wait for these alliums to dry and then spray paint them to put in the Harry Potter Garden (they look magical!).
Harry Potter Garden is set up. We went with an all black “Goth” theme for the window boxes.
It’s starting to come together.

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