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Springing around the garden

It's Memorial Day weekend and we're just getting out there to work on the garden.

It’s Memorial Day weekend and we’re just getting out there to work on the garden. We had one weekend of clean-up – that was good enough to clean and re-stain the deck, but between cool days, rainy days, and vacation days, we’ve had little time to get planting our annuals. This is the latest summer start we’ve ever had!

Here are some quick shots taken around the garden yesterday. The lead photo is for all those that don’t think our potting shed isn’t a working shed!

The heuchera collection came out (fairly) unscathed. The ones that survived are extremely happy. Copper coral bell fountain gets set up this weekend.
The Harry Potter Garden will get its makeover this weekend. Or next weekend. It’s not a priority!
Redbud blooms and dinosaurs in the checkerboard garden – the grass needs a haircut.
Annuals need to be planted in baskets and window boxes today.
Heuchera are happy. That Japanese Maple had to have some dead branches trimmed off.
Overwintered hostas in pots are happy and just have to find their rightful places in the yard.
The blackberry “espalier” is filling in nicely. And, after four years, the Japanese forest grass row is looking how I envisioned it!
The boxwoods in the  raised bed potager need a trim. The ajuga I had planted in the squares is all gone. I have to fond something to replace it.
We rarely get to appreciate the blooms on the Solomon’s Seal underneath the pear tree espalier.
In the hellstrip out by the street, only fading purple tulips are left to enjoy. The perennials will soon take their spot in the sun.
The front jungle is filling in nicely. I started replacing perennials with flowering shrubs a few years ago.
The wisteria on the back deck arbor is making its presence known. It smells great.
Alilum appear as soon as tulips fade.
The rock garden needs some finessing. Maybe not this weekend.
The pear tree espalier is finished blooming. Now I can give it a trim. Is hard to make out the diamond shape now.
Most house plants got taken out and put under cover to protect them from the sun (not that there’s been much sun). Another week and I can put them out in full sun.
I’m off to be in the garden…

2 comments on “Springing around the garden

  1. Thank you for giving us the “before” of your lovely garden. It looks great. Is that a Christmas cactus in your rock garden? Does it stay in the ground all year?


    • There are a couple Christmas Cactus in the rock garden – in pots – that are indoors for the winter. I bring them in in the fall the same day as the first frost (or close too it) and it encourages blooms!


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