Before & After Buffalo Garden DIY

Modern, Asian-flavored garden before & after

Another Buffalo neighbor's garden not to be missed on Garden Walk Buffalo.

Another of my neighbor’s gardens – this one is not to be missed on Garden Walk Buffalo (Saturday & Sunday, July 27 & 28).

I’ve always enjoyed this garden for its park-like vibe, and its Asian garden influence. The Asian bit doesn’t hit you over the head, it’s not necessarily the first thing you get from its design, nor what you’re left with – it looks very “laid-back contemporary,” if that’s a thing. The gardeners, Don and Jeff, have done the design and work themselves, slowly over time. It’s still evolving.

Of the many great and clever features of this garden is the fact that they created an elevation change in the garden by taking the soil from nearer the house, as well as the soil dug up from building a pond, and built up the area around the tree, making it one slight step up to a patio area and creating symmetrical garden rooms at the back of the garden. It helps that the tree is pretty much centered in the back yard. Most gardeners aren’t that lucky!

If you’d like to see some past Befores & Afters, visit:

Here’s a look at a few befores and afters. Don gave me the before photos to use in my book Buffalo-Style Gardens. I was only able to use one, so you get to see more of the garden here!

Buffalo garden before&after lancaster Avenue4

Buffalo garden before&after lancaster Avenue
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Here’s more…


Buffalo garden before&after lancaster Avenue1
Note that the french doors were added later in the process. Previously, the only access to the back yard was by a side door between the two houses.

And more…


Buffalo garden before&after lancaster Avenue3
Using a diagonal path across the entire yard makes it seem larger. I love that dry-stacked pillar with capstone – how easy is that to make – it’s just a pile of stones!

Here’s more shots from their yard to enjoy. I will post about their front yard at some point in the future, it’s worthy of its own post!

Buffalo garden before&after lancaster Avenue6 japanese gate garden entry
The entryway to the garden sets the Asian influence.
Buffalo garden before&after lancaster Avenue9
I’ve always dug that perfectly hung swag lamp, hanging from a tree limb.
Buffalo garden before&after lancaster Avenue8
Low walls, slight height variations, and path materials define garden areas.
Buffalo garden before&after lancaster Avenue7
The small deck off the house. Makes me want a gin & tonic.
Buffalo garden before&after lancaster Avenue2
The “sitting room” opposite the dining area.

6 comments on “Modern, Asian-flavored garden before & after

  1. Archibald Merla



  2. Yvonne Cunnington

    Wow, absolutely wonderful. What an inspiring garden.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Siobhan

    So restful! 🍀

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  4. Just wonderful! There are so many great ideas! Wish you could come and help me in Cleveland! Just WOW !!!

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  5. Don & Jeff

    Hey neighbor! Thanks for the kind words. Your photos are great. Enjoying your book too – congrats to you and Sally.

    PS – We do gin & tonics on the front porch now. Stop by some time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is the summer that I will! Having to large-scale projects to be done in my own yard, I think I may have more time this summer. Glad you got to see this post, I have you on my list to email you to let you know it was posted!


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