My Christmas garden wish list

Back when I was a young garden blogger, I used to post my garden wish list before Christmas each year (here in 2009 and here in 2010, and here in 2011). There’s still some great items on these lists I never got. Well, all, in fact.

I haven’t done it in a few years. Here’s my list for this year.

Bear in mind this is a fantasy list. I neither have the space or the money to buy any of these. But I thought they were cool wen I saw them.

Just as a reminder, this is my birthday month too. As is my custom, I’ll be accepting birthday and Christmas gifts through February 15. And after.

Garden Ladder Because most ladders are boring. And this would look good left outside. Find it here.
Snuggling Garden Tools Designed to be stuck in the soil. Garden tools as garden art. Find it here.


Glowing Gnome Because non glowing ones are boring. The glowing one on the right looks a bit suggestive though. I might have to rethink this one. Find it here.
Diamond Ring Bird Feeder It’s, well, engaging. Find it here.
Antler Hose Rack and Matching Hose I’ve actually seen these for years and drooled over them. At $499, I don’t think it’s even a remote possibility. Find it here.
Black Lion Pot It could be the king of my urban jungle. Only $349. Find it here.
Cobra Skin Pattern Hose Nozzle The neighbors certainly would not have one. A steal at $69. Find it here.


Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.55.56 PM
Firepit Open fires are illegal in the City of Buffalo, but this might be worth jail for. Only $950. Find it here.


Romeo & Juliet Bench I think I could make this myself for a little less than the asking price of $6,900. Find it here.
Virus Picnic Table Holy tables Batman! Wouldn’t this be awesome? Find it here.
WheelEasy Folding Wheelbarrow I don’t have room for many large garden implements, nor do I use them that often. This would be ideal. Find it here.
Hausfire Fireplace It’s both a sculpture and a fireplace. This might be legal to use in Buffalo (it’s enclosed). only $1,980. Find it here.
Raindrop Rainwater Harvester I can’t fit a typical rain barrel wherever I have downspouts. This would work though! Find it here.
Outdoor LED Wall Sconce I’m always looking for great lighting ideas. This is one. I don’t have a place for it, or need it, but want it. Find it here.
Tree Stump Stool in Silver I’d need, minimum, three. Five would be better. Find it here.
Futuristic Park Bench I have no room, nor need for this, but I’d only need one of them. Find it here.
Garden Fork and Spoon Finally! Something I could actually afford. For those of us that shovel our food, a stainless steel cutlery set worthy of a gardener at only $9.99 a set! Find it here.
buffalo style garden book charlier cunningham st lynns press
Buffalo-Style Gardens book A 224-page hardcover book co-written by Sally Cunningham and myself. It won’t be printed and distributed until February, but I’d love to have it on December 25. Only $24.99 Pre-order it today here so you can have it in February too!

4 comments on “My Christmas garden wish list

  1. Some neat finds there, Jim! While you are waiting for someone to drop those on your doorstep, you might want to look at some of the tools which will be available to gardeners in the future:

    Tell me if you ever buy one of those items I list!


  2. The links to your previous gift posts don’t work.

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  3. Okay, the only one I’m really lusting after is the outdoor LED wall sconce. I have a wall that’s perfect for it! And before you ask why I’m not lusting after your book, THAT is attainable!

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