garden art

Where do you stand on garden seating?

Adirondack? Bench? Wicker? Mid Century? Cast iron? Rattan? Here are 50+ options...

My hand-me-downs from friend Nancy got painted the same colors as the house and shed.

Materials: Wrought iron, plastic, stone, wood, steel? My furniture is wood and needs repairs or painting every few years. Probably not the wisest choice, but much of mine was “hand-me-downs” or I made.

Cushions, pillows, side tables, lighting, storage? We know this about ourselves – if we had cushions or pillows as part of outdoor furniture we would be horrible at moving them out of the sun or rain or not being used. We’re lazy like that, but we are self-aware.

I made the bench from my mother-in-law’s childhood bed headboard which sat around in basements and attics for years.

There are many options out there! In the book I’ve co-written with Sally Cunningham, Buffalo-Style Gardens, Create a Quirky, One-of-a-Kind Private Garden with Eye-Catching Designs, (due out in February 2019) we really didn’t delve into furniture much more than to try and match the style of your garden or home (or contrast it!), but argue to keep your furniture style consist throughout the garden whether in style, color, or materials.

I did run through my photos of sitting areas I’ve photographed in gardens over the years and have some of my favorites here. There’s lots more where these came from. Be warned, there’s a lot of them! Hopefully you’ll be inspired by the creativity.

What do you do for seating in your garden?

Click on one photo below to see the slide show version.


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