The ghoulish gardens of Salem

Pumpkins and corn stalk bundles are for wimps.

A year ago this week we were in Salem, Massachusetts. If Salem attracts an odd lot of people during the year, you should really visit around Halloween. It’s when the freaks come out.

There a was a good amount of tourists, a few with kids dressed in Halloween costumes, but it was those wearing their normal clothes – that looked like Halloween costumes – that made you appreciate your mundane, ordinary, humdrum life.

We didn’t see to many gardens dressed up for the holiday, but the few that were were over the top.

The Witch House (otherwise known as the Jonathan Corwin House). He was the judge for the Salem witch trials of 1692. It’s the only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the Salem witch trials. It’s now a museum.
You won’t find this in your Pinterest feed on “clever things to do with shipping pallets.”
How to get a head in your fall garden chores.
Can headstones be considered a crevice garden?
I only need a squirrel-sized guillotine in my garden. Freakishly, and without anything but Freudian coincidence, that’s my wife’s head reflected in the guillotine.
This is more of what I feel like in spring after the first weekend of working in the garden.
Charming, but who needs to do this much work in the Fall?

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