My garden is in the Bible. The Garden Bible, that is…

 I made it into the Bible, you know, the good book, The Garden Bible, Designing your perfect outdoor space. Friend (and friend to Buffalo and its Garden Walk) Barbara Ballinger has written the garden bible and Buffalo is well represented. Even a little corner of my garden was snuck in there. 
She (and I) have been waiting patiently for its publication and release. I asked her id it was like giving birth – and she said it was worse! 
Where ever a Buffalo garden is featured, Garden Walk Buffalo got a nice mention. Photos from Buffalo were shot by either photographer Don Zinteck, or myself.
It’s a 224-page hardcover book with glorious and generously sized photos throughout. There’s plenty here for the beginner – and the pro – with design tips and lots of inspiration (20 case studies!). They’re chapters on understanding your site and climate, developing a budget, hiring professionals, finding a style, design principles, recognizing problems – and a whole section on garden tours that features Garden Walk Buffalo prominently.
Currently it’s available on Amazon, but it will be seeping out to bookstores in the coming weeks and months.

I have not started to read the book yet – just got it and haven’t had the time, but I can’t wait to sink my eyes into it. Barbara has edited multiple garden and real estate magazines over the years and has much experience with gardens, garden touring, and garden writing. We’ll be trying to get her here for a talk this summer. She’s been here before for Garden Walk Buffalo and is one of our greatest advocates.  
A photo I took of my garden is in the lower left – my checkerboard garden, next to the raised bed potager garden surrounded by a dwarf apple tree espalier “fence.” The two photos on the right hand side are also from my street – Lancaster Avenue. The upper left hand corner photo is from a garden a few blocks away, on Putnam Street. The photos, other than mine, are by Don Zinteck.
Buffalo’s well-known Victorian garden, on Delevan Avenue, gets a three-quarters page spread beside a history of Garden Walk Buffalo and a list other garden tours around the country.
Phoebe’s garden, a few blocks from my own, on Putnam Street,  gets a full page spread.
The large photo is one I shot of a house on Norwood Avenue here in Buffalo. The upper left photo I shot of a Richmond Avenue garden. The lower left is a Don Zinteck photo of a garden on Bidwell Parkway.
Another Don Zinteck photo of a garden on Delevan Avenue.

0 comments on “My garden is in the Bible. The Garden Bible, that is…

  1. Congratulations, Jim, both on having your garden pictured (LOVE the checkerboard) and also for all the work on Garden Walk Buffalo that has resulted in so many Buffalo gardens being featured. Great publicity for the city and for gardening.


  2. Congratulations! Looks like a book to drool over.


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