VIDEO Billy & Pat and me & my garden…

Newcomers to Buffalo, Billy & Pat, have done a vlog post on Garden Walk. Instead of the usual reporting on or about the Walk, they took a more practical approach by soliciting tips and tricks for people in their age and life circumstances (most likely many of their viewers) – newly married, just starting out in a new city (having come to Buffalo from New York), living in an apartment, and dreaming of owning their own home and growing a garden.

Hopefully Garden Walk Buffalo made them more crazy for Buffalo and more enthusiastic for owning a home. Though I cannot picture these two more enthusiastic than they already are.

Visit Buffalo Niagara made some suggestions as to gardens/gardeners that they might glean some tips from – that would represent the Walk well on camera. You can catch much of Billy and Pat goofing around in my garden, as well as goofing around in other great gardens. They can be silly, or they can be serious, but no one can argue that they aren’t pros at communicating a message, or telling a story. They even made me sound coherent and knowledgeable on gardening – they’re good editors. I guess I know what I’ve learned from mistakes. Thank god they didn’t ask for a plant name, panic doesn’t look good on camera.

They have a large (tens of thousands) and engaged following on their Youtube vlog, Billy & Pat Two Guys Who Got Married. I’d love to help them get more followers – visit their vlog and follow along on their adventures by subscribing.

0 comments on “VIDEO Billy & Pat and me & my garden…

  1. Kevin and I had a blast. One of our best weekends ever and I think one of my longest blogposts showing what we saw. Everyone who took part should give themselves a big pat on the back – they did a great job.


  2. loved seeing the garden walk virtually. more of this would be welcomed.


  3. Thanks I agree – an outstanding job done by gardeners and volunteers alike. And your post and photos are outstanding as well!


  4. I'd love to see more video too. Especially of this variety with hints and tips.


  5. Anonymous

    I really enjoyed their video and how they made it talking with gardeners and homeowners like you. Great job all around. The guys are entertaining, funny and energetic. Hope many get to see their video.


  6. That's what I liked about it too- it was helps and tips on gardening by Garden Walk Buffalo gardeners (our greatest resources) rather than about Garden Walk Buffalo itself. Not hat I wouldn't have minded if that were the focus either!


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