Another Buffalo Niagara garden in the magazines…

Congratulations to Snyder, NY gardeners Craig and Gary for, not only having a six-page article in this month’s Garden Gate magazine, but also the cover! 

Garden Gate is a nationally-distributed magazine with a circulation of just over 400,000. Unfortunately, they only mention the garden is in “New York State” and not in Snyder (a suburb of Buffalo).

You can see Craig & Gary’s garden on the National Garden Festival‘s Thursday and Friday Open Gardens, as well as the Snyder Clevehill Garden View.
Craig is a volunteer for National Garden Festival, and an all-around swell guy. If you like visiting gardens, this is a must-see next year.
You can pick up copies of Garden Gate at any store that sells a good amount of magazines (locally Wegman’s has them).

0 comments on “Another Buffalo Niagara garden in the magazines…

  1. How lovely! I like Garden Gate for photos, but they often don't give credit to the gardener or zone information.


  2. Anonymous

    Very deserving.


  3. Anonymous

    Can you tell me where I can find this issue locally. I have checked several different Wegman's and Barnes and Noble and can't find it. I really want to pick up a copy of this issue as this is one of my all time favorite gardens.


  4. In the past I've found this magazine in Wegmans, Home Depot and any bookstore that sells a broad selection of magazines. I'm not sure where else to try. Mine cam because I'm a subscriber. If you ask at most bookstores, they can track it dow. I do know that some storers with limited shelf space do gardening magazines only seasonally.


  5. Anonymous

    I gave up finding it locally and ended up getting a subscription (only after verifying that my subscription would start with this issue)


  6. Anonymous,You are persistent! I talked to Craig, who owns the garden and he said he's not been able to find the magazine anywhere. We can only assume that we as subscribers, got it early and maybe it'll appear on the store shelves soon? just a guess.


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