Carol & Tom’s Vegetable Library

Carol & Tom have the garden of one million great ideas. Here’s a shot of Carol enjoying the vegetables they’ve planted along the front of their garage roof. It’s totally accessible thanks to Tom’s installation of a library ladder on a rail. Isn’t this awesome? They’ve got a densely planted yard on a small urban lot and had no room for a vegetable garden. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

I’ve posted in the past about their garden. Tom’s designed and built a rainwater retention system that stores 150 gallons of water and is gravity fed into a normal water spigot/hose connected through the garage. The stored rainwater is MUCH better for topping off their fish pond than city water.

A Dana Jenkins watercolor
of their back garden was used
on the Garden Walk Buffalo
poster in 2007.

Their garden has appeared in Garden Gate, Great Backyards, and Great Gardens Beds and Borders magazines. And has appeared on Terry Ettinger’s Garden Journeys on YNN, Time Warner’s all-news station.

You can see their garden during Garden Walk Buffalo and the Free Open Gardens on this Thursday from 6-9 p.m. this and also on July 7, 14, 21 and 28 from 6-9 p.m.

There will be many other Open Gardens on Thursdays from now to Garden Walk weekend in Buffalo, Kenmore, Lewiston, the Northtowns, Parkside, the Southtowns, Hamburg and South Buffalo.

On Fridays, you can visit gardens in Aurora/Elma/Holland, Buffalo, Lancaster, the Southtowns, and South Buffalo.

Just visit here to see what gardens are open and what times. PLEASE respect the stated times the gardens are open. You can print out a .pdf of the Open Gardens Booklet. Or, if you prefer a hardcopy of the book, you can pick one up (just $2) at the Visitor’s Center in the Market Arcade (downtown Buffalo), the Botanical Gardens (South Buffalo) or at some of the garden tours happening on the weekends all over the place.

I wonder if Carol & Tom’s vegetables are planted alphabetically?

Here are some other totally gratuitous shots of their garden for your viewing pleasure.

0 comments on “Carol & Tom’s Vegetable Library

  1. Anonymous

    I missed this garden in years past, so I am glad you reminded me. I hope to get a preview at the open gardens. This really is a good idea because it makes GWB a bit easier to plan, when you can see some gardens ahead of time. Plus, it is often like a private showing, where you can get great photos and ruminate over the creative ideas that the gardener sited in their gardens.


  2. excellent blog! I've found lots of awesome post :)thanks for sharing..


  3. When we started growing things in pots on our garage roof, we decided it was time to move to a larger lot. So I am impressed that this couple found a way to actually make this work. And I am loving all the chelsea posts!


  4. @MsWisActually the layout of their backyard reminds me of the layout of your previous homes' backyard in that it was a long driveway ending with a garage and a narrow strip of grass to the left (as you look down the driveway towards the garage). Nothing LOOKS like what you had done, but the clever use of space in such a narrow lot is space-defying, much like yours was.


  5. Anonymous

    Looks like avery foolish idea.


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