Sally & Channel 4 in my Garden


Never work with dogs or kids, or in lime-green t-shirts.

0 comments on “Sally & Channel 4 in my Garden

  1. Sally's sounds excited!


  2. Anonymous

    Wonderful news clip, Jim. You and Sally did Buffalo proud. And it was nice to plug the other walks in the festival also. I am working with Lewiston this year and it is greatly appreciated to all those involved in the festival.


  3. Okay, no sound but I do love the footage and you know how much I like your garden, Jim. Do you? Love it! I need some of those front plant hangers.


  4. Wow a star is born. Did she pick that iris from your garden – the one with the holes eaten in the petals? I am envious that you have spring where iris can last long enough to pick.-Ray


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