Parkside perfection

This is probably my favorite garden on the Parkside Garden Tour, here in Buffalo (of the ones I’ve seen). You cannot take a bad picture of the front of this house. This front garden is how I picture mine in my head, though it looks nothing like this beauty of a garden. Not a lot of colors all at one time, but it’s variation in greenery, leaves, differing heights & organization compliment and frame the house as well as I think any garden could.
This garden is on the Parkside tour (the last Sunday in June), and participates in the National Garden Festival Open Gardens where the garden can be visited for select hours one day a week for the five weeks of the festival. 

Given the chance, I’ll be there for both the tour & open gardens. The owners are gracious hosts and spent lots of time talking to me and everyone else. You can read/see the post I did about their awesome artists garden alley between two garages in their garden here.
Great colors from brick to roof line trim.

The color of the stairs makes it for me.

They were on the National Garden Festival’s Open Gardens (open one day a week for five weeks),
at no charge & no tickets, along with other gardens in its neighborhood.
Found art, part of this quintessential Buffalo-style garden.

One of the prettiest views of the garden. There were lots of garden “rooms”
and great entrance ways to each.
Most areas of the garden were defined more by
amount of sunlight (or lack of) than anything else.

This yard was actually a double lot — rare in the city and in this neighborhood.
Not just found art — found pots were everywhere.

There were so many ideas and creative use of (mostly) found objects
I didn’t know where to look. Check out that beautiful, simple table.
I could wander in this garden for hours and still not see everything.

Even the potting table adds a creative hit of color.

4 comments on “Parkside perfection

  1. Anonymous

    I too loved that home and have photos I took. Your photos of it, the art and the garden are great. This is the first time I visited your blog through Blotanical because your post is on the popular list. Did not knew if you knew.


  2. WOW! That is one of the more impressive gardens I have seen in a while. Makes you forget you are even in a back yard. Its great to see the benefits of hard work.


  3. Donna, I hope you post the photos of this garden sometime! I did not know this post made it to the popular list on Blotanical. Thanks for letting me know. I don't know how it makes that list, my traffic was not any different from any other day — does that just measure the readership on Blotanical? I admit, I've never been clear on exactly how Blotanical works or measures readership.John, I think the artwork is what makes it unique.


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