Awesome artist garden alley

This past summer I went on the Parkside Garden Tour. The Parkside area of Buffalo was laid out by Frederic Law Olmsted and includes every style of house you can imagine, from simple four-squares to grand Victoriains to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House (the house he considered his “opus”).

My favorite garden, of the few that I managed to see, included this pretty little alley between two garages. The space between detached garages, in urban settings, is usually a dead space, used more often for storing junk – scrap wood, piles of bricks, old tires and garbage cans. And the areas are notorious for having little light, lots of weeds and harbor for insects & rodents.

Not here. The least-used space on this property was made one of the prettiest – mostly with extra stuff garages collect over the course of time — used brick, old wooden pillars, scrap lumber, buckets for planters, and odds and ends. Those and a good dash of creativity and color.

The featured piece is this painted metal bench. Dark ivy backdrop makes the bench scream.

In addition to being on the Parkside Garden tour, these gardeners participated in the National Buffalo
Garden Festival’s Open Gardens – open to the public on Mondays and Thursdays for five weeks.
Old shutters, found objects as artwork, and color. lots of color.
Makes me wish I had a throw-away space like this to surprise visitors and flex some creative muscle.

7 comments on “Awesome artist garden alley

  1. What a nice area created here. Love all the colors.


  2. Anonymous

    I too visited Parkside and missed this little gem. Thanks for taking me back for a second look.


  3. I'm always amazed and inspired by people who can turn a difficult space into a showcase. I could go on & on about how much I love this little garden.


  4. It's cute but I can't help but wonder if it is ever used and how it is used.


  5. Those are some great pictures. It gives a really inviting and small town feel.Jeffwww.TheGardenCloche.com | Your Garden Cloche Source


  6. Anonymous

    I am hoping my little side yard here in Utah will look as good as this. We plan on using boulders for the stepping stones with plantings on both sides on one fence side I plan on planting grapes I was looking for a small arbour similar to this down my side so now I have an idea what it will look like. Thanks for sharing on Pinterest. Diane


  7. I love this an an arbor. If I had the room, I'd definitely do something similar myself. I wonder if they spend any time in this nook sitting though.


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