A great combination…

A great combo – Persian Shield and just about anything else. I first was introduced to Persian shield (the purple, sharp-leaved plant above) by Elizabeth of Gardening While Intoxicated. I thought, given its purple, metallic sheen, and dark green, almost black highlights, it would be a hard plant to match up with another. I’ve found quite the opposite. It’s hard to find a plant it doesn’t complement or contrast well with. Here it’s with a red/yellow coleus of which I don’t have the name. I have it in baskets and window boxes around the house mixed with other coleus and myriad other plants and it looks great. Next year, more Persian shield.

I have a long-time garden blog, a popular garden on America's largest garden tour, and have co-written a book on garden design titled, "Buffalo-Style Gardens: Create a Quirky, One-of-a-Kind Private Garden with Eye-Catching Designs" When I'm not doing all that, I am an advertising designer always out looking to design things to promote your business. Look me up at #jcharlier.

0 comments on “A great combination…

  1. I does look good any way you plant it. I had some a few years ago but haven't found it at our garden centers for a while. Hmmmm. It's easy to start new plants too. Love this combination.


  2. I have not been very successful with persian sheild. Maybe if I treat it like a coleus it will do better. This is a nice combo.


  3. Anonymous

    Persian Shield is a great plant to use in containers. It adds a texture different than most companions and the shine is almost like adding jewelry to the pot. Your ceramic container helps make the visual.


  4. I grew them last year since they like hot, humid shade; perfect for Washington summers. I clipped a few last fall, easily rooted the cuttings, kept them over winter, and voila – new plants this summer again! (I blogged about them, but Elizabeth's blog gets more readers.


  5. They look beautiful together.


  6. Persian shield is a beautiful plant. I usually used to plant flower plants in my garden, as I like to have variety of colors every where,but I have a place ( not too wide, just a little square area) for Persian shield as well.


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