A disappointment…

I had so much hope for this antique screen planted with mandevilla. It looked beautiful in my head. After three months this is all she’s giving. The flowers are beautiful, but sparse. What am I doing wrong?

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0 comments on “A disappointment…

  1. I don't know what you are doing wrong, but that is a beautiful screen. Maybe try a clematis?


  2. I grow mandevilla fairly regularly and find that some years are better than others. Last year, my mandevilla only grew about four feet tall and had almost no flowers. This year — same location, same soil, same plant — it's huge with an uncountable number of blooms. I would not give up — see what happens next year first. (Your plant looks very healthy!)


  3. Anonymous

    The plant looks to be healthy, but maybe it is not quite as happy with it's pot mates, or else needs time as Sandy said.


  4. You are doing nothing wrong. It is a slow climber. Full sun and more fish solution might help but, I fear it is too late for this season. Still, it is very pretty as I would hate to cover that pretty grid too thoroughly.


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