Anyone read Chinese?

Yes. That’s my house. In a newspaper. In Chinese. Some gracious garden visitor dropped this off to one of headquarters during Garden Walk Buffalo this past weekend. Apparently it is from a Cleveland area Chinese-language newspaper. I have no clue as to what it says. In the left column, it does say in English, “Buffalo,” “Garden Walk Buffalo,” and other descriptors — like rain garden, cottage garden, and rock garden. It mentions Marvin Lunenfeld (founder of Garden Walk Buffalo),  and the Elmwood Village. Other than that, it’s greek to me.

0 comments on “Anyone read Chinese?

  1. 10 Minute Jim!!! You know where to take it….


  2. Very cool, spanning cultures. You have to wonder what it says, but good guess it is saying what a wonderful garden to see and what a great use of color, fun and form. I know because I was there Garden Walk Sunday.


  3. Wow! You have an amazing house. What fun that it is featured in a Chinese newspaper! No doubt the Chinese know a great garden when they see one!Thanks for stopping by my own blog and commenting on my spirea post. I appreciate it, and now I am enjoying wandering through your own blog.


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