Horticulture magazine article on Garden Walk Buffalo

Wahoo! There’s an awesome six-page article about Garden Walk Buffalo (written by our own Elizabeth Licata of Garden Rant/Gardening While Intoxicated).

The article, covers everything — from the tour that inspired ours, Chicago’s Sheffield Garden Walk, our founders, the tour’s growth over the years, the fact that it is “utterly free of the white-glove exclusivity that pervades many tours of private gardens,” the work of the Garden Walk Committee, its game-changing nature as it applies to Buffalo’s image, and descriptions of what you’ll find on the Walk itself.

It wasn’t Elizabeth’s choice (it was the art director’s decision), but my house was featured prominently across the second spread of the article. What a good art director!

The best part of the article, I think, is not so much about our Walk, and what it does for Buffalo, but what you will see and learn by visiting this particular garden tour. Elizabeth did a great job of laying out what makes this walk unique — challenging conceptions of what a garden can be: big things can happen in small spaces, you don’t need grass; and great design doesn’t have to cost a cent. I would only add the fact that artworks, of any type — paintings, architectural remnants, found art, and even bowling balls — can make a garden uniquely yours.

And besides Elizabeth, Garden Walk Buffalo cannot thank enough the contribution of Don Zinteck’s photography used in the article.

Horticulture, the country’s oldest gardening magazine, is based in Boston and has a circulation just under a quarter million.

0 comments on “Horticulture magazine article on Garden Walk Buffalo

  1. Following the photographer's link will take you to his web site. Once there, search around to the gallery that shows a dragonfly doorknocker to enter the Buffalo Walk. It is worth the effort to find it.


  2. I am extremely impressed and envious. I want a Garden Walk in my town. The photos are awe-inspiring, and just plain inspiring.


  3. I'm wishing there was a garden walk where I am in Baltimore, but I think that might have to wait until we wouldn't need protective gear to travel through some of the neighborhoods. These gardens are absolutely beautiful!Also Jim, I'd love to trade links with you, but I can't find your contact information. I'm a huge fan of your blog, and photography. Please swing by my site at http://www.greengardenista.com/blog/and check me out. No matter what you decide, I appreciate your consideration, and I'll continue to enjoy your site.


  4. NellJean,That is a very nice photo. It is in the garden of Bob, a Garden Walk Committee member.Swimray,You want a tour – start one!Amy,No protective gear needed here. In 15 years, there's never been an incident!I've added your link to my sidebar. Thanks.


  5. cool pictures. But you seem so lonely… the only man without a “partner”…Is it that you spend soooo much time gardening that you don't have time for a wife????Poor man; my sister has a cousin, who has a friend, who knows a lady who likes to garden. She owns clogs, grows lupins, has seventeen cats and is missing only one of her front teeth.Hey, thanks for the Hostas!!!


  6. Teddy's Mom, Alex,Sandy, Al, Meddling Ex Wife,Until my meddling ex-wife is no longer around, I feel as though I'm unattractive to all.


  7. I thought this was the best story in the magazine and not just because of Elizabeth's writing. The combo of the photos being large and no fancy inserts etc. made for an impressive visual layout. Really made a difference not pulling random pix to illustrate a story as seems to be the case so often. More great PR for Buffalo!


  8. Ms. Wis.The six-page spread would have been a two-page spread if not for the generous use of photos. Have to thank the art director for that one. Buffalo does get pretty much all good PR these days. There seems to be less and less of the shots of snow or of the closed Bethlehem Steel factories. Most national articles (not written by a local) do start off with that “Buffalo trying to shrug off that rust-belt image” type of lazy pot-shot that's really not even relevant any more. Closed factories and massive unemployment happened a generation ago – about the time you LEFT Buffalo!


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