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Before & Afters


Okay, in this case, the top photos are the Afters, photographed this weekend. Below each, are the Befores, if you will, taken last summer.

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0 comments on “Before & Afters

  1. Breathtaking, Jim ! I love before and afters.


  2. I suppose you're saying you've got a lot of work to do … what with the “before” pictures being the current ones. Let us know what your plans for the diamond stones, I love that idea and I've been thinking about stealing it for a while now …


  3. Takes that kind of vision to get through this time of year. I've got a lot of butt-ugly right now, myself. But it's getting better.


  4. Anonymous

    My favorite garden topic! To see the results of creative gardeners is always a highlight to my day. I especially love the checkerboard terrace and the mirrors along the lattice fence. Not to mention the plants. Outstanding!


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  6. I love the before and after photos of those flower garden, amazingly beautiful.


  7. I love before and afters! Great garden shots.


  8. There's those recycling bins again! 😉 You must be chomping at the bit to get spring going. All the afters are amazing.


  9. The transformations are awesome. I love the checkered patch especially.


  10. Those are amazingly beautiful changes. I like the transformations.Lisa from Beginner Free Guitar Lessons


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