Ready for the largest garden tour in the country…

Expecting about 45,000 to come this weekend to visit the 340 gardens of Garden Walk Buffalo. If you’re not doing anything, please stop by. Had about 2,000 people visit just my garden last year. This year, because a TV station did a live remote this past Sunday, I was cleaned up early and am ready to show. The earliest ever. Usually, I’m out deadheading, staking and cleaning up right up until 10:00 a.m., when the gardeners start coming.

This year I won’t be spending as much time in my own garden, I’ll be hosting a Senior Associate Garden Editor from Martha Stewart Living, and her husband, and getting them started on seeing some key gardens. There are some that are sort of out-of-the-way (not that within three square miles any are far away!). They’re just not surrounded by dozens of other gardens. I also have a handful of gardens that are not on the Walk I have permission to take them to. The Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) invited her to experience & enjoy the Walk. I’m looking forward to getting out and seeing some gardens.

The CVB will be busy taking around a freelance travel writer, that writes for magazines such as Travel & Leisure. Also, a representative of Fine Gardening will be here. And rumor has it that Allan Armitage will be wandering around. Elizabeth of Garden Rant/Gardening While Intoxicated will be hosting a small gathering for them and other area garden media professionals.

But back to me, I’m ready. It’s just got to stop raining. Here’s where things stand this year:

The front yard is full…

The lavender is lovely…

The paths are perfect…

The bricks will never be weeded enough though…

The plastic grocery bag finally blew off the lightning rod.

The deck is darling. The tile counter in the new outdoor kitchen (seen in background, right) will most likely get grouted Saturday morning!

Even the potting bench is cleaned up…

The potager is perfect. Except that Garden Walk Buffalo also coincides with Japanese beetle week. That rose standard in the middle is like some fast food/den of iniquity for them.

The checkerboard is, well, it is what it is. Each of the different grasses is fighting for dominance, where they’re growing.

The Harry Potter Garden is ready for its big release…

Even some of the nonfiction plants are labeled.

New climbers are climbing (wisteria)…

(porcelain vine)


The patio is perfect…

The pear tree espalier has seen better days, and will in the future…

The baskets of million bells look like a million bucks…

The grasses are groovy. I find if I put the bench here for people to rest, they can’t get so close to see that I never cleaned out this grass bed fully this spring. The black cane bamboo keeps people looking up anyway.

Even the boring corner is looking okay. The grass looks like it could use a good combing though. The blackberry vines on the left may need some propping up.

I guess there’s still a bit to do. But I figure if it doesn’t get done, there’s so much going on in this tiny backyard that no one will notice what I don’t get to.

0 comments on “Ready for the largest garden tour in the country…

  1. Anonymous

    It's a good feeling to be ready. Good luck with the weather. i have toured gardens with an umbrella. Everything looks wonderful. What a great event!Donna


  2. Anonymous

    You have a beautiful garden…I wish I had space and time to create anything half as good…


  3. The rain will dramitize your beautiful gardens. I hope in a few years, mine will look half as good as yours. I won't be able to go to Liz's party. I have an obligatory family reunion on Sunday, in Westfield. Maybe I'll get some good shots of Lake Erie State Park. Have a wonderful day.


  4. Jim..AMAZING! I want to go! My son came home from Northern PA, so he's here and I won't be up your way. Darn! It sounds like you'll have plenty of coverage on your garden. You'll have to post links to all the press.It looks just fabulous! Every photo is my favorite… I can't pick just one vignette!Enjoy, have fun and garden on!Cameron


  5. Good luck Jim! Now take a deep breath and don't forget to ENJOY the experience! The garden probably has never looked better! It is very lush and dense with beautiful form, line, color and texture! All of your hard work has paid off! Have fun. Wish I could be there to experience it first hand, but for now, all of your photographs will do. Can't wait to read about this Gardening event in all of the gardening magazines in the next few months to come!


  6. i do hope it's fun! the garden looks spectacular! (wish someone would come weed mine, but don't we all?)


  7. you are ready to go! your garden visitors will love it I'm sure. hope to eventually make it down to buffalo for spring fling and see some of this awesomeness in person. have a great weekend.irena


  8. Your garden looks spectacular, Jim and I'm happy to see it's in top form for the garden walk. Wish we had as many gardening-crazy people in Chicago.Enjoy the walk.


  9. It looks perfect! I just can't believe how many people go on the walk, that's amazing.I remember your post about the plastic bag on the lightening rod, glad it finally blew away.


  10. Ok, I have seen you mention the Buffalo garden walk many times but somehow it never penetrated as to what a big deal it was — until now. Thanks to your post it's now added to my list of things to do in the summertime. Thanks for sharing!


  11. The pictures are great but I long for the day when I can see this in person! Great job on all the details. I can't pick a favorite spot.


  12. It looks great! I hope the Walk went well for you. It's such a great feeling to have everything nice and tidy, isn't it?


  13. Was thinking about you and Elizabeth and Buffalo for the last week, imagining all the work and chaos and excitement. Your garden looks stunning. The best garden tours I've ever had were during (light) rainshowers.


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