Bloom Day May

Silver Dollar plant in front of Bleeding Heart on the patio.

Any one know what this is? I bought it under the name of “Chocolate Vine.” It’s been there five years. This is the first time its bloomed. The deep purple, popcorn-sized and shaped blooms smell like a subtle perfume.

Here is the Chocolate Vine from a distance.

The two trees of the espalier are still struggling.

Tulips in the back yard.

Tulips are waning in the front garden.

7 comments on “Bloom Day May

  1. chocolate ivy looks ‘sin worth’unfortunately Jim, I can’t be of help, but I love it :)your picture of tulips is outstanding.Greetings from Poland,


  2. The chocolate vine is also called chocolate akebia. akebia quinata


  3. I like your front yard, it looks like it’s just plants. I’m hoping one day ours will be too. I’ve never heard of the chocolate vine, but it does look pretty.


  4. It’s looking good! I love the blues in the front yard and that Chocolate vine certainly has beautiful blossoms.


  5. Yes, you have five-leaved akebia. I have one growing over an arbor… only now to find out that they are considered invasive in some areas. I’ve not had a problem with mine sprouting youngsters, but if it was planted close enough to the wild, it would definitely climb everything. It is easy to prune and keep in check, however — so, I’m leaving mine. Cameron


  6. The tulips were such a welcome sight but now…on to later perennials. Nothing stays the same. That is a plus.


  7. Ewa,Thanks for the kind words. The tulip shot I think I had to practically lie on the ground to get.Vanillalotus,Thanks. Akebia. I think I can remember that.Catherine, Front yard is just plants. No grass. No mowing. And now that it’s established with perennials, hardly any weeding. Except fr the damn Chinese Lanterns.Pam,The blues are from the grape hyacinths and forget-me-nots. Last year the forget-me-nots were all over the garden. This year they showed more restraint. We tore them out earlier last year and they had less time to go to seed.Cameron,Five-leaved akebia. You don’t know how many people ask me what that is during Garden Walk each year. It’s really not suited to this zone, so management shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Layanee,Yup. They be gone. On to the allium.


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