Idiots at work

Found this on a local Buffalo-oriented blog. According to the article, these painters working on the exterior of a building, couldn’t position their scissor lift just right, so they took out a young tree. It was the size of the tree you see in the photo to the left of the scissor-lift.

They just chopped it down, as if they were in a forest of trees that they owned. In fact, it’s a busy commercial strip in a popular area of the city. And they don’t own the tree. It’s on city property. My daughter’s school is three buildings away from this building. I drive by this building every day when I drop her off and pick her up.

I’m hoping they’re fined (or imprisoned or otherwise harassed). Either the workers themselves or whoever hired them or told them to take out the tree. You just can’t chop down a tree on a sidewalk, even if you say you’re going to replace it.

To read more about it, and the comments about it, which range from outrage to laissez-faire, visit here.


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4 comments on “Idiots at work

  1. I can’t help but just shake my head. I wish I found it hard to believe but I’m not surprised by much any more. Morons seems too nice a word ? BIG sighJoy


  2. how awful. so disrespectful. your post couldn’t be more timely for me. I woke up this morning to find a construction crew working on a neighbour’s waterproofing project in my backyard. i knew they would be there….but i didn’t expect to see them hacking down my jerusalem artichoke which are in full bloom right now at an astounding eight feet tall. I hit the ground running and screaming! I got an “oh. sorry?” are these people for real? this is the second time in two years construction crews have trampled my garden. I don’t know how much more I can take before the “f” word starts flying. morons is an understatement.irena


  3. gardenjoy & irena,Well, I did want to say “assholes,” but it seeded too indelicate for the nice people that stop here for a visit. Appropriate, but indelicate.Glad you caught your artichoke haters before they did irreparable damage, Irena.


  4. jcharlier,I can’t believe it. morons is very delicate///


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